Catching My Breath

What a whirlwind week. (Hello, alliteration.)

First thing’s first, since my last Wednesday post, here’s what I’ve done:

Thursday, 8/9/12
Run – Couch to 5k: Week 2, Run 1

Friday, 8/10/12
80’S NIGHT! DANCING! And walking 8 blocks in stilettos.

Saturday, 8/11/12
Lots of walking at the Alberta Street Fair (to counter delicious treats at the Garlic Festival and the Street Fair)

Sunday, 8/12/12
Low HIIT 20 Routine

Tuesday, 8/14/12
Run/Walk: Couch to 5K – Week 2, Run 2 (a little bit behind, but happy to still be working through the routine and cross-training)

I’m feeling more energetic (not to be confused with “awake”), and I’ve noticed that some of my work skirts even fit better. I can kind of see my abs again, but they’re still hiding out under the “winter layer” I packed on last year.

I bought a CrossFit discount coupon for six classes. With my schedule, it looks like I’ll at least have a month and a half of Saturday morning work-outs planned out. While this particular box is far from my home, it will hopefully be the catalyst I need while I still work to save enough money for my neighborhood gym/box.

I missed my Friday post, but that’s because it was a particularly fun day. I took a nap after work, then dressed up to go dancing at 80s Night. High heels, leg warmers, a stretchy little skirt, and a cute top were my weapon of choice. I decided to take public transit, though, and the one thing I hate about summer is getting dressed up and having to go outside looking like a street walker. Night club and related clothes just don’t translate into broad daylight or even twilight.

And because I didn’t want to wait half an hour at a sketchy bus stop for my second bus, I actually decided to walk the remaining 8 blocks in the aforementioned outfit. Again, sunlight, clubbing-esque outfit, and city sidewalks means I got some very odd looks, but all was well once I reached the Crystal Ballroom and met up with friends.

The rest of the weekend was full of fun, from the North Plains Garlic Festival and the Alberta Street Fair. I had the chance to meet some of Snugz’s friends, and he got to meet several of mine. There was even swimming later on!

The mindful part of this week comes from practicing balance in this new professional life. I’m easing into the routine of scheduling time for friends and nurturing a new relationship, as well as being more intentional about scheduling time for fitness and rest. This time around, as opposed to 2008/2009, I am ready to be practicing this type of intentional life. I had the chance to re-visit my spontaneous college lifestyle now and then in grad school, and the 2011 summer really gave me the chance to start making the transition from “college kid” to “young professional,” more so than I did several years ago.

It feels good to be putting into practice the lessons I learned.

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