Gettin’ It

This past week’s work-out log:

Thursday – 30 minutes of yoga

Friday – Couch to 5K: Week 1, Run 2

Saturday – about 20 minutes of yoga followed by a whole day of sweating in the sun

Monday – CrossFit guest work-out (a.k.a., I did everything with major modifications–like a 22# barbell instead of the Olympic bar). Surprisingly, I liked it. The “box” I went to values good form and accuracy over speed, and the coach was quite supportive. It seems there’s not a condescending mindset when it comes to working around injuries, and that’s good. It’s the arrogant “You’re just being a wussy” kind of attitude floating around the Internet that turns me off to CrossFit. That’s not support; that’s bullying, and I know that to reach my potential, I need to first work gradually through years of injuries.

Tuesday – Get this: cardio strip tease class. However, it ended up being more along the lines of a dance class with a chair and sexy moves. Good for the mind, though; I haven’t learned a decent amount of choreography in quite awhile.

So far, so good. I’m decently sore, and I am trying hard to kep track of my eating habits, too. I have a seriously long way to go if I decide to keep going to CrossFit. The biggest barrier is money, of course, and luckily, I’ve been getting into the oh-so-adult world of budgeting.

I’m practicing balance by taking tonight off from working out and going on a double-date. I can’t remember if I’ve ever done a real double-date, but even so, it’s at least the first I can recall.

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