30 Before 30, 2nd Edition

I have been mulling over revamping my 30 Before 30 list recently. Might as well. I’m 26. And it’s my life, my list, and I can do what I want. So, let’s see… revisions in bold.

1. Visit E in Spain Done!
2. Visit the Italian town my ancestors are from (Monastero di Lanzo)
3. Visit Australia and New Zealand
4. Visit Kauai, Hawai’i
5. Learn to swim
6. Learn to ride a bike
7. Learn to bartend make great cocktails on my own so I can entertain like a pro. Or unwind from a long day at work like a pro.
8. Learn Spanish and Tagalog – Practicando el español este verano.
9. Meet my cousins and family in the Philippines
10. Earn a master’s degree in student affairs administrationDONE!
11. Have one more Wenatchee summer Done; see last year’s (2011) internship experience.
12. Stay in a bed & breakfast (or yurt/cabin!) somewhere on the Oregon coast
13. Take an extensive brewery tour of the Northwest and West Coast
14. Hike the Enchantments
15. Hike part of the Pacific Crest trail (WA portion)
16. Road trip Travel to Alaska
17. Write a memoir17. Make blogging a priority
18. Get a piece of poetry or a research article published/present at a conferenceMy talent really lies in academic writing. I have to come to terms with it–my nerdiness rules everything. 🙂
19. Write a book and get it published – Surprisingly, making good, collaborative effort on this funny guide to life I’ve been working on.
20. Perform improv or stand-up – This is looking good, actually. Found a comedy club near my house, thanks to Snugz.*
21. Be an extra in a movie
22. Get professional-quality headshots/model shots just for fun
23. Try out for a semi-pro/professional dance/cheer teamDone! Didn’t get on it, but I did it.
24. Meet Neil Patrick Harris
25. Get an awesome 6-pack – In-progress…
26. Buy a carNevermind. Let’s change this to: 26. Save for a sweet city condo.
27. Get a dogMy puppy fever has been satiated by the good fortune of living with the best canine roommates! Revise to: 27. Go to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales
28. Read more booksOf course, this is progress, but I have done such a good job of reading more in the past couple of years!
29. Take Amtrak down the west coast29. Take the train more (PNW, Europe, etc.)
30. Get married and have a wonderful, down-to-earth wedding30. Have the BEST 30th birthday celebration w/ my closest friends somewhere far away (this was decided this weekend w/ another fellow Sagittarius).

And just to cheat a little bit…

31. Meet someone amazing and give the relationship 100%.

I’m happy with these revisions. They reflect who I am–and no surprise, most of these involve traveling–and can be attained if I am intentional.
Side note: I’m thinking the “40 Before 40” list will be pretty great. Coming in the next few years.

*Extra side note: Snugz totally picked this blog nickname himself.

3 thoughts on “30 Before 30, 2nd Edition

  1. Guess who? says:

    Damn right you better travel to Alaska! And I will totally go to Austrailia and New Zealand with you. Oh, and the Train in Alaska is pretty sweet, so is the ferry from B’ham.

  2. Erin says:

    so glad I was numero 1 on your list 🙂 and I can help you with swimming and biking. and I’d like to go to Hawaii with you. AND Australia and NZ (although we’ll bring Sean along on that trip, as he wants to come too)
    basically you’re a hero and I love you and you’re one of the most amazing people I know and can do anything. so, get crackin’ 😉

    lovessss xxx

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