Running Up That Hill

Well, well, well… why is it so hard to: (a) save money; and (b) get back into shape? This post is only about one aspect of this, but please, any insight is helpful.

This past week’s work-out log:

  • Thursday – 30 min. of TurboFire + stretching
  • Friday – lots and lots of walking (to try and balance out Oregon Brewers Festival) + going out dancing
  • Sunday – 30 min. of yoga (at home)
  • Tuesday – Couch to 5K – Week 1, Run 1 (eight one-minute runs + 1.5 minutes walking in-between)

Pretty menial, all things considered. I’ve been trying to get a 10-20 minute walk in every day at lunch, too, but I’m not counting that towards the work-out since it’s more of a mindful practice.

Tomorrow, I plan on trying to get another short run in. I need to figure out a work-out for Saturday morning, since I’ll be out-of-town for a wedding. Maybe I’ll bring a work-out DVD to Seattle or get a run in that morning. However, I’m going to have to figure out something.

Readers (and I know you’re out there), any tips for staying on-track with a fitness plan while you’re out of town?

Also, what keeps you motivated when you’re getting back into shape? I feel like it’s more difficult to stay positive when I know I used to be in better shape!

6 thoughts on “Running Up That Hill

  1. tasha0313 says:

    I travel a ton for work…nearly every week & trust me, I have the exact same challenge – staying in shape while on the road (and even at home on the weekends). Here are some thing that I’ve found useful…

    ANY Nike Running app and or Nike Fuel Band. The Nike running app keeps you motivated, gives you feedback on your runs and even cheers you on during and after you complete your run. The Nike Fuel Band sounds lame, but it makes you challenge yourself each and every day by setting a new goal & beating your new goal. Nike Fuel Band:

    I usually get up and run in the morning, I set the alarm on my phone to play one of my favorite running songs, so it motivates me to get off of my lazy behind and go RUN! I also use Lose It, which I love, it’s got a very nice easy to use UI.

    If you find that you’re out of town & know no one, but want to keep motivated in your workouts, check out – see if there are any exercise or running meetups When I first moved to Atlanta, I joined a running meetup. Although my attendance now is spotty, I still try to meet the group at least 2x a month.

    Hope this helps!

    • Ardith Laverne says:


      Do you know if the Nike apps work for Droid? I’m a few months out from switching to iPhone, so there’s that. 🙂

      I have used for social activities; never thought to check it out for out-of-town work-outs. Very good idea.


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