Mindful Monday: Round One

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how to focus this blog and make my entries and presence more intentional. Now that I’m out of graduate school, it’s a little bit difficult to blog without being totally scattered. Actually, being intentional about a lot of things is hard without being in school, although working in an academic setting does help. My Google Calendar is working overtime, too, so that’s good.

Regardless, I have decided to theme my blog somewhat. It’s still going to be about life, and I know that drives other bloggers nutso. However, I’m not doing this for profit (although if the right blogging opportunity came around and I was selected to blog, I’d happily focus my attention on one subject area), so given that, here’s what’s going to happen:

Mindful Mondays – a start-of-the-week reflection on personal and professional growth; all things student affairs in my life

Wellness Wednesdays – a recap of what I’ve done in the past week to be healthier; a log of my journey [back] to fitness; will feature obnoxious things like healthy recipes, statistics, and work-out reviews

Just-for-Fun Fridays – a space to capture and retell funny happenings of the past week or so; a lighthearted end to the work week; probably also a space for awkward dating stories and/or progress

You’re just going to have to deal with the cheesy theme reminders. Remember, I’m being intentional here.

What’s coming for the next few Mindful Mondays?

  • A readjustment/re-visitation of my “Thirty Before Thirty” list
  • Discussion about becoming financially savvy
  • Talking about learning new languages
  • What the next step is as a #SApro (conference attendance, workshop proposals, international education, potential doctoral programs)
  • Recapping the first 90 days or so of being a student affairs professional

That said, stay tuned. Good things ahead.

Oh, and in case you missed why this particular post was mindful, it’s because I’m intentionally thinking about how to make this blog and my writing better.

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