Here Comes the Sun

Just when I thought the clouds would never break, the summer seems to have arrived (at least for the time being). I might actually be sporting a sunburn, thanks to the relative lack of exposed skin in sunlight and an equal or greater lack of owning sunscreen. (To be completely fair, it’s usually not until I’m suffocating in the Northwest’s initial muggy days that I remember I’ve misplaced my sunscreen from the previous summer.)

This weekend was full of exploration, as I drove down to Bridgeport Village to catch a movie on Friday, and up to the then-unknown-to-me Vancouver Mall for another movie the next night. Yesterday, there was chicken and waffles along with a farmers’ market, Powell’s Books, Deschutes Brewery, and Salt & Straw with some of my grad school friends. Today, there was the Wooden Boat Festival, sailing, and a brief jaunt through the Blues Festival.

I won’t lie–I’m kind of cranky now that I’m sunburned and a wee bit tired, but overall, I am content. I am content that this city has so much to offer me. It’s all I wanted for my first location after graduate school.

Remind me to thank the Universe for this one.

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