Thank you, Google Translate.

Do you all know those weekends that make it difficult to return to the work week? Not because of bad choices you made and the resulting angry body, but because of how utterly fantastic the times you had were?

That was this weekend. It was a weekend in which I started it by having dinner with two close friends from Corvallis and a weekend in which I closed by reading a new book in my personal collection. Sandwiched in there was meeting two wonderful CouchSurfers from Marseille, France on their way down to California and a birthday party for another good friend, complete with a round of Cards Against Humanity.

It was a weekend that made me remember that I live to explore the world. Listening to my newly-friend tell me how he’s seen Australia, grew up in France, and was just recently in South Africa made me long to set foot onto a plane or train and on to a new adventure. It made me remember that there is no timeline I’m working with, and that my “one wild and precious life” is brimming with potential. There is a whole world full of amazing people and adventures–and that world is waiting for me.

For now, I have Portland, and I am getting my feet on the ground so that I may fly.

I still hope that I can find that elusive partner, the one who makes my heart skip a beat and engages me in conversation and laughter. He will be the same man that explores the world on his own terms, and maybe sometimes, we will explore together. Maybe he doesn’t need to continually safeguard the universe like The Doctor, but he’s going to be someone extraordinary. I’ll keep being patient and cultivating in myself the love and hope I want to be.

In the same spirit, I did some poking around for doctoral programs today. I was hoping to get a general idea of what exists in the UK and Australia/New Zealand, but what happened was that I found a dream program. It integrates my passion for communication and education, and fuses it with scholarly challenge and the notion that leaders come from understanding these topics. Oh, and it’s abroad. I definitely have some more digging to do, and I don’t anticipate making any moves on advanced study for five to ten years, but I am happily surprised at this find.

So, in the meantime, it’s time to explore. It’s time to learn. It’s time to grow.

(And you know what? It won’t ever not be.)

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