The Future is Bright

I woke up on a new level of miserable today. My neck was swollen and tender, my throat was sore, and I felt like I’d been beat up by a gang of Daleks too cruel to even exterminate me.

So, like a big girl, I actually called in sick (which it always pains me to do), slept for a few more hours, and located a clinic. I love living in a city where the clinic is only a few minutes away; I walked there, thereby getting some exercise.

I expected to be told what I had was “probably just a virus” or strep. The strep test, as always, came back negative. I let the doctor know that I’ve had negative rapid strep tests and positive “48 hours later” cultures–that was a fun time in life. He made note.

And then he took a look and told me I probably had tonsillitis.

Which, as a 26-year-old, is really terrible and hilarious all at once. So there’s that.

Downsides of today: new patient check-ups are expensive, and Walgreen’s isn’t a participant in my insurance. Whoops.

Upsides more: Doctor Who (I’m making the transition out of The Tenth Doctor/David Tennant seasons into The Eleventh Doctor/Matt Smith–man, I got attached to Nine and Ten’s arc! Like any good transition, it’ll take time), ice cream, and naps.

Here’s hoping the doc was right (I know, right?), and that I’ll be well for graduation…


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