This Song is Ending

In one week, I will participate in the commencement exercises at Oregon State University. I anticipate this week seeming quite long, as nearly everyone else in the galaxy seems to have already graduated, with my alma mater, Western Washington, holding their graduation ceremonies today. Regardless, the next seven or so days will pass, and–if all goes correctly–I will be a Master.

What does the end of graduate school mean? It certainly won’t mean reclaiming my life. The life I led before entering graduate school was fine, at times, but I hope that this second attempt at the real world holds many more good things.

It’s been beneficial to start my professional career as my graduate career winds down. Things are fresh, and I’ve had a quarter full of check-ins with my classmates and new stories to share. Theories click while I’m behind my desk, and I remain more intentional about executing personal balance–even if that means choosing personal care over having fun. Case in point, I had to make the choice to stay home today because I ended up uncharacteristically unwell with stomach cramps all last night–and I was supposed to go to the Seattle area for a wedding. Huge bummer, but if it means that I’ll be 90% better tomorrow, and 100% during the week, I suppose it’s worth it. (That said, I really need to have a doctor look me over. Miserable digestive system, I tell ya.)

Speaking of doctors, I am officially obsessed with Doctor Who. I. Love. This. Show. It’s probably because it’s so fantastical, taking me across the universe(s) at the push of a button. It’s simultaneously removed from reality yet so close to reality with its portrayal of relationships and the dilemmas that come along with such (that’s really boiling things down). Fair warning, guys: I’m a Whovian now, and there’s no going back.

And speaking of guys, I think I’ll be ready–for reals–to date again once grad school is done. Yes, it’s been a thought in the back of my head for awhile now, but it’s something that I am nearly ready to navigate again. I’ve gone through some miserable lows in the past two years, and I have done so much reflecting and processing–and admitting of my own errors–over that period in time that I believe the slate has been wiped clean. I’m hoping that in this coming span of time, any potential partners are met with the best of me, the strong, spontaneous, driven self I have known (yet not always exhibited) all my life.

With this ending comes a sense of renewal. There also comes a need to be thankful for all that has happened, good and bad. All of this has gotten me to this point in time.

Hats off to you, fellow graduates. Let’s go out there and change the world because the world’s changed us–for the better, I like to think.

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