Could Have, Should Have, Still Not Gonna.

I should be working on homework. I should be taking a shower. I should be unpacking my room.

Instead, I’m basking in the goodness of this weekend so far. There’s been sunshine and warmth (a treat for the Pacific Northwest), an amazing concert, some quality eats, and lots of really great people.

On Friday night, I had the chance to watch Death Cab for Cutie for what was probably the sixth time. They played with the Magik*Magik Orchestra, giving another layer of wonderful to the already gorgeous feel the music projects. Everything about the concert was fantastic, from the feel and look of the venue, to the lighting, and to the stage presence of the band. When I look back on my “younger days,” I know that DCFC will be an important component.

Yesterday morning was a localvore’s delight. There was a trip to an independent coffee shop, the sugaring salon down the street, Pine State Biscuits, Salt & Straw for some ice cream, and a few stops at the local grocery co-op. I spotted a Spanish tapas bar, and my friend pointed out a whiskey bar–both of those places are on the same block, so you all better get ready for some invites. I love exploring, and I am incredibly happy to have landed in a neighborhood that has so much for me to take in. It’s comforting to know that there is so much so close to my home; I’m sure there will always be something new to discover.

Being in a city lends itself nicely to growing as a young professional and young woman. The city is always changing and evolving, sometimes slowly but sometimes more quickly–just like me. There are some days where it feels like nothing of significance occurs, but little moments add up to mean much more. Although yesterday, as a whole, could have just been a time to take in the good weather, it was also a time for me to identify places of interest and places that will complement my time in Portland.

I can’t be certain about whether or not I’ll stay in Portland forever. The chapter in my life is so fresh, and the ink has barely had any time to dry. I may be living in a city again, but it’s not always “go, go, go!” like one may think. Conversely, I’m glad for the time to reflect and consider what it is about this community that makes my heart feel so full.

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