Like Eating Glass

I want to be in bed right now, I really do. However, even after a good day at work, a lovely yoga session, and a home-cooked meal, I feel off.

Maybe it’s the cynic in me. Maybe it’s seeing, once again, that even in my own beloved (and imperfect–yes, deal with it) country, bigotry wins again. And dare I say that it wins again with the Christian Bible as its foundation.

I get the moral codes. I get that personal beliefs translate into community beliefs, and that these beliefs can form the foundation of a strong and loving society. But right now I am frustrated by the inability for some people to take a step back. Will banning same-sex marriage somehow put those chosen states on a VIP list into Heaven? I would suppose not, but then again, I am only human. And a very small human at that.

If we removed gender from the human race (hypothetically speaking), if we were all just genderless… who would the deviants be in society? Would they be people who loved each other sincerely and with commitment? Would they be people who cared for others when they could not care for themselves? Would they be the compassionate ones?

Probably not.

Dante’s Divine Comedy was a piece of literature I read back as a first-year college student. I was, along with the rest of the class, tasked with examining why the layers of Hell were set up the way they were. I came to the conclusion that committing sins against others were the most offensive–and therefore, worst–crimes or sins. Stealing, assaulting, murdering, rape, abuse, etc.

And I get that there are folks out there who believe that homosexuality is a sin and a crime against society, treason to the state.

And I disagree with that stance.

When you look at me, do you only see my sexuality? Do I cease to be Ardith Laverne, the educator, the traveler, the comedian, the blogger, the woman? Do you equate “sexuality” to one-night stands and telephone numbers on napkins?

Doubt it.

So why is it okay to reduce anyone to just a sexuality (or any piece of identity) for the sake of holding rights from them?

It’s what we’ve done to those who are incarcerated, and I bet there are a lot of us who think “prisoner” and think prisoners have no other traits but deviance and cold hearts. (A course at OSU is currently underway that has students learning with those behind bars.)

Anyway. I’m going to come out and say it. I support same-sex marriage, and I support the rights of people to be recognized as a family. (Why aren’t we in outrage against domestic violence? Cheating? Drug abuse?)

I defy the close-minded culture where I grew up that told me it was OK to bully those who identified as LGBTQ, that it was OK to consider people “fags” and that something was “gay” if I didn’t like it. And I defy those who never told me otherwise.

I resolve to be an educator and an ally, not because I identify as a particular political leaning or a particular belief system or any other identifying factor, but because I believe in the goodness of human love.


There is no war on marriage, people.


There’s a war on love.

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