At the Risk of Sounding Trite

Oh forget it, I’ll say it anyway.

I love seeing my best friends in love.

No, really. For all the complaining I do about being single, there is something to be said for seeing the way he smiles when she comes around, or the way she talks of all the quirky things he does. (I am referencing multiple couples in this post, but I was definitely inspired by a particular set this weekend in the land of sunshine and suntans. By that, I mean LA. But I digress.)

And I love seeing that because it gives me hope that I’ll find mine, too.

For now, I’m just living, enjoying my own life and my own company, getting into trouble here and there (but not too much–I’m an adult, after all!), and planning my next great adventures. As I make this transition to Portland, Oregon, I see several paths in the distance.

I see myself springing for that perfect downtown condo in Portland, making a home and a life and a career in this rainy corner of the USA.

Or I see myself working my way down the West Coast, to San Francisco, to LA, to San Diego. And then finishing up things in Hawai’i.

Or moving to Australia or England or some other far-away place that I haven’t given any thought to yet.

And all the while, I see myself making a difference, loving life, loving who I become.

A friend–who is also part of a downright amazing couple–recently shared this quote: “When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.” I’m taking everything day by day, letting this story continue to unfold (as I have said many times before), and if this is where I am meant to be right now, I will eventually find out if it’s forever.

But forever is going to have to wait for me, I think.

Good night, readers. Have a fantastic week.

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