The Path I’ve Forged

I started to count the boxes today, the boxes that hold all my belongings and a good portion of my life. Most of the boxes are filled with books and kitchen supplies. I can’t wait to unpack my books; there is a set I put aside for the specific purpose of decorating my new office.

I also started to think about how this has all happened so quickly. One minute, I was making an off-hand comment to the Universe, wondering, “When will the winds change?” By that following morning, I had two interviews lined up. And several weeks later, I had an offer to cross back over the bridge into the professional world.

Every now and then, I feel a little start of envy. I see photo albums from faraway lands I still haven’t reached. I hear about the interviews others are getting in faraway corners of the country–and the world. I see their diamond rings and their pretty houses.

But unlike before, the tiny voice that nags me, wondering when I’ll get there, remains silent. Instead, a new voice speaks up:

“I am right where I am supposed to be.”

Portland, here I come. Clark College, here I come.

World, brace yourself. I have arrived.

One thought on “The Path I’ve Forged

  1. Landon says:

    I love that your inner voice is telling you that’s you’re where you need to be, such a wonderful gift to have a message like that. Now if I could just get your inner voice to give mine some tips and advice on how to talk to me…

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