I’ve Been Captured!

I mustache you a question...
but I'm shaving it for later.

Tonight marks the end of my last official spring break (at least in the foreseeable future.) Even with the daunting task of polishing and tweaking this site and my portfolio, as well as crafting my sequence and set-up for my defense in less than two weeks, I found time to take care of myself.

I rested–which was especially necessary since I managed to get sick yet again.
I read some books, just for fun.
I read my textbook for my Academic Advising (AHE 599) elective.
I spent quality time with my mom.
I refined several sections on the portfolio.
I began designing the most important presentation slideshow I’ve ever needed to design (complete with soundtrack).
I slept in.
I took a road trip with my best friend.
I saw people I hadn’t seen in way too long.
I danced.
I laughed.
I wrote.
I even found time for contemplation.

This was a time to renew and to look forward. It was a time to work hard and then tend to my recreation and socialization to keep my extroverted self happy. Spring Break 2012 was the kind of break I needed right before I make the switch from full-time student to full-time professional.

Even though, by all means, I should be stressed-out because of the transition, the move, and my defense, I find myself settled and happy. I have listened to myself much better than before, signifying that I have learned, in the past two or so years, more about who I am and what I need to succeed.

On that note, it’s time to get ready for bed and ponder how to translate this into a teachable story for future students. 🙂

*”I’ve been captured!” is a tip of the hat to an Eddie Izzard’s stand-up bit about Doctor Who and the Daleks. It might have been quoted more often than socially necessary over break.

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