I Can’t Keep Quiet Any Longer

I got a job.

Clark College's mascot, Oswald the Penguin

A few weeks ago in February, I received two interview offers on the same day. Both jobs were in the Portland/Vancouver area, one for a private institution, the other for a two-year college. That following week, I had a phone interview for the private gig, and then drove up for an in-person interview with a five-person panel for the other position.

You know that feeling you get after any type of interview where you feel like you could have, should have said something else here and there? I felt that big time.

And then it was time to play the waiting game. Both institutions said “early next week” they would come to a decision. And there was the all-too-familiar silence.

Then, one of my references called me and said, “I just wanted to let you know, I had a message from one of your potential employers asking for a reference.”

Shortly after, I was headed to Phoenix for the annual NASPA conference, armed with an elevator speech and new, personal business cards. I was ready to network and find some new leads on a job while simultaneously attending and helping out with the International Symposium and the general conference.

And then I got the phone call while I was at lunch on my first day. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Since I was incredibly sleep-deprived (I caught the 2AM shuttle out of Corvallis that morning), I held off on any final decisions until after the weekend. I went between moments of disbelief and moments of excitement.

I spoke to numerous professionals over the next two and a half days, as well. Each time I said that I had been offered a position at a two-year college, I was met with enthusiasm and encouragement. Seasoned professionals told me numerous times that community colleges are “where it’s at right now.” (I do have to say they were also happy to hear that I, along with some classmates, were looking at the community college route as young professionals.)

After processing and mulling, I made my decision. The job is in a city I want. It is in a functional area I want. It is at a type of institution I want. Furthermore, the people that interviewed me were passionate about what they do, and I got a very good sense that they are team-oriented.

In a nutshell, it is a position I cannot pass up at a time like this.

I start April 16th. I will be completing my final two courses over the next term, commuting down from the Portland area on Tuesdays to attend Budget & Finance and Academic Advising. I will be transitioning into my new role immediately after defending–which will be quite the task, but I am looking forward to it.

My transition from #SAgrad to #SApro is coming much quicker than I anticipated, but I am thankful. I am thankful for all I have learned and all I will learn in the future.

Here’s to moving forward!

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