The Sweetness

The Seattle Aquarium's new baby otter.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it. – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I was close to staying in Corvallis this weekend because I was incredibly pressed for time on homework and projects. With portfolio work, the job search, a legal memo to write, and tons of chores to take care of, I had basically written off doing anything fun.

Oh, silly me. I should know myself better.

I was convinced to leave fairly easily by a friend–who happens to have just returned from several years abroad and who is now moving to San Francisco next week–who wanted me to come see the baby otter at the aquarium in Seattle. (Besides, the otter’s about a month old and in just a few weeks, she’ll start losing her fluffy baby fur.)

I had to go.

And now that I’m back in town, I have to say it was the best decision. I bombed through some chores on Friday and early Saturday, then gathered up my important belongings (a.k.a., my homework and computer) and headed north. I cranked out another draft for my portfolio on Sunday afternoon and checked out a law library on Seattle University’s campus. I sent an email to get some supplementary forms to bolster my legal memo, and I was smart enough to look up more supporting cases on Thursday night before this plan even came into being. I even took care of some job searching logistics.

But those aspects aren’t what made this weekend so spectacular. It was seeing a friend I hadn’t seen in years and sharing the wonder of watching a new baby animal exploring her surroundings (albeit in captivity). It was sharing too many laughs over food at Red Robin, and it was sharing even more laughs at another friend’s house after one of her dogs accidentally got into some green paint. It was meeting a good friend’s new squeeze, and it was making breakfast for people in the morning before we went our separate ways. It was sending a friend a “Happy Birthday! Here’s a picture of a baby otter!” text message, and laughing at the response I got.

I can get too caught up in the possibilities of the future and what I want to happen. Lucky for me, according to Authentic Happiness, my main strengths in life are curiosity, vigor, and playfulness. When I view my life and my challenges with my strengths, the world shifts a little bit–and often times, it shifts for the better.

I am ready to tackle the tasks ahead–and you can be sure that I’ll not only tackle them, I’ll try to tickle fight them.

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