Adios, 2011.

The 2011 run-down for me looked like this:

* Started the second term of my graduate program
* Got mixed up in a frustrating fling at the beginning of the year
* Lost my dad in February
* Visited Colorado (namely, Colorado State University in Fort Collins)
* Decided to attend the national NASPA conference
* Blogged a lot
* Visited Guy Bestie in L.A. and got some much-needed sun
* Got really sick for about six weeks with some virus that kept me at about 60%
* Attended NASPA conference while sick but met a lot of really great people and reaffirmed my interest in student affairs
* Took up Tweeting for “Student Affairs Live”
* Received a scholarship!
* Watched The Naked and Famous in Portland, OR
* Saw Death Cab and Bright Eyes in Bend, OR
* Fell for a friend–harder than I had ever expected–and subsequently realized I am still damaged goods from failed 2010 relationships
* Started the summer with a one-month internship in Trinidad and Tobago!
* Spent the remainder of the summer internship with Wenatchee Valley College
* Traveled to SoCal again; fell in love with SoCal for the first time
* Attended a beautiful wedding in Port Orchard
* Blogged some more
* Attending a five-day music festival in Portland
* Battled with depression–and shrugged off my pride and utilized Counseling and Psychological services
* Started my final year of graduate school
* Took a ballet class for the first time since… I can’t remember
* Traveled to Seattle, Vegas, the Oregon Coast, Portland, etc.
* Was a bridesmaid in A Very Nestie Wedding–one of the most beautiful weddings I’d ever been a part of
* Attended NASPA Western Regional Conference in San Diego
* Took full advantage of winter break in Wenatchee, hanging with good friends and spending time with my family
* Traveled to Hawai’i with my mom for Christmas–our first time traveling together since I was little

Currently, I’m celebrating NYE in Seattle with my Nesties and Co. This has been a roller coaster year, and another in a series of about two or three really difficult years. I’m ready to recover in 2012 and make it a beautiful, happy year, full of growth and discovery.

I knew big things were in store in 2011.

I only have one resolution for the new year: I’m going to make 2012 unbelievable.


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