Hey, Look!!

Good news, everybody!

I added many new documents to the Projects and Artifacts section of this portfolio/blog! I have some of my proudest works available for your reading and viewing pleasure, as well as a cool little video in which one of my Tweets is featured.

Other good news: I’m really good at making boxed mac ‘n’ cheese way delicious. I threw in some Dubliner cheese and ricotta to a box of Annie’s cheddar mac and the results were awesome. I’ve used cream cheese in the same type of mac ‘n’ cheese, as well, and it’s really good. I tend to complain that Annie’s mac without added cheese or butter is just too watery, but now I can’t get enough. *This has been an unpaid endorsement for Annie’s Homegrown and my growing culinary skills.*

Today marks the end of the fall term, too. (More or less.) I turned in most of my big projects, but I still have a meeting tomorrow and a few little things I’d like to refine for my internship. I am ready to sit back, relax, and… spend winter break working on my portfolio and applying for another round of jobs.

Hopefully I will get enough done that I’ll feel okay about ditching the Pacific Northwest for a few days; I’m headed to Hawai’i with my mom to celebrate Christmas this year. Can’t wait. I anticipate it being a good mother-daughter bonding experience, as well as a very happy time for my skin–which seems to thrive in sun and humidity. My hair is a different story, however.

Anyway, I am pleased with the progress that’s happening on this blog. I anticipate continuing to add more documents, and also keep your eye out for a nifty Table of Contents that will serve as a hub and guide for everything that’s on here. I’m also very happy with the new theme I discovered. Look at the cute li’l social media icons!

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for stopping by again.

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