Almost There

It’s finals week, and I’m just about finished with all my work for the quarter. I will effectively have two more quarters–just six more months–left in my graduate school bubble career.

I have train tickets in front of me, and I’m ready to head back to the snowy side of the mountains for what will most likely be my last winter break ever. I feel good about what I’ve accomplished this term: an assessment-heavy internship at a private university, trying to find meaning in personal struggles, improving my ballet technique, reading for fun, writing more in-depth graduate school reflections on my blog/portfolio, and retooling my resume and cover letters (and submitting them to various positions). Although, so far, all I have heard back is, “No, sorry,” I am at least happy I have gotten an early start.

Fall quarter, on the fun side of things, always brings my favorite time of year. I celebrated my birthday, which was on Saturday, starting in Corvallis on Friday night and moving to Portland for the rest of the weekend. It was such a good weekend, filled with lots of fun people, good food, and a few random adventures. OMSI was on my Sunday agenda, and my “little brother” and I went and played with all the exhibits. There’s a paper airplane station that’s pretty fun. I made a basic airplane, tested it out in the mini wind tunnel, then gave it a vertical stabilizer and some winglets. I was proud of myself.

Okay, enough about being an airplane nerd. I don’t have that much to say today because I spent the majority of the day completing the write-up for my internship, as well as a reflection (which will later be posted here).

Wish me luck. Just a few more days left.

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