I haven’t left my building all day.

It was a welcome “stay in” kind of day, though. It was a “no make-up” and laundry kind of day. A catch up on all work kind of day. A do yoga at home and drink chocolate milk afterwards kind of day.

Serenity comes in many forms for me. Yesterday, it was a sunny drive down I-5 from Portland. The night before, it was dining at Pok Pok and taking in the rich flavors and the good company. Earlier in the week, it was the beautiful flight into PDX from a fun-filled girls’ weekend in Vegas.

It’s been a long couple of years for me. I have a restless soul, and my peaceful moments seem to be overshadowed by personal turmoil often times.

What keeps me going, though? It’s knowing that I’m still here for some reason. It’s that my journey is still in its infancy, and that I am supposed to do great things. I’m good now, but I’ll only get better.

For now, I’ll snuggle up under clean flannel sheets, with a bit of fall air coming through my bedside window. Maybe I’ll dream of something fantastic, something unreal. But maybe it will be reality.

And maybe, those things are actually the same.

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