More Than a Feeling?

Fall term began a week ago. I’m interning at my first private institution. I’m only taking one “real” class (thanks to internship credits, a PE class, and some projects). Work is off to a good start.

Yet I can’t shake this feeling. Either seasonal depression moved in early, or something else is going on. I’m working on slowly repairing a strained friendship (with a boy, duh), but there many positive points around that. And I should not feel this way.

I’ve been productive, improving my cover letters and tailoring my resume for a job search I’ve already started. Even so, I’m taking it slow on that and trying to stay in the game with my assistantship right now. I’m happy that the residents in my wing are very social and kind; I even baked cookies last night and shared them with the residents.

Still, though, something’s off. I’m trying to take care of myself, making appointments with CAPS and hopefully the SHS. I don’t want this feeling to keep lingering and keep this cloud around my social and professional life.

It’s taken a lot to write about the way I’ve been feeling. This isn’t an easy topic for a smart, independent, successful young woman to write about.

So bear with me. Be patient. If I call you, return my call because you might just be who I need to talk to.

This, too, shall pass. This is only temporary.

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