First Week

Twelve-hour day, 9AM-9PM, at school and work yesterday.

A trip to Eugene and UO. It was a beautiful day to get out of town. I figured I could set up at a coffeeshop to happily Tweet away for Student Affairs Live.

Cue me rushing into a strange library, frantically asking library administration for permission to get on the network when the coffeeshop failed me. Whoops. I did snag an “Internet Only, 15-Minute Limit” computer with the unofficial go-ahead of, “No one monitors how long students are on those stations.”

Two hassle-free hours later, disaster had been averted!

Then there was a bit of looking ’round the surrounding businesses and lunch and the search for a new backpack (my Dakine bag finally developed a gaping hole in the bottom).

And back in Corvallis I got some work done, cooked a pattypan* squash for the first time, and generally lazed about.

Tomorrow is full of appointments and one ballet class. I can handle that.

*I had no clue what this squash was called at first. I had to Google the phrase, “I have a squash shaped like a spaceship,” to figure it out.

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