Wait, What’s the Plan?

I’m halfway through my graduate program. I’m more than a year into my intentional real world deferment. I was excited to enter grad school because it was a metaphorical exit from one highway to the next. After being in school though, and puttering around the various sights on this sidetrack, I’m a teensy bit concerned about which route I’m headed towards. I had this grand vision of going anywhere I wanted after school, but now I’m not sure if that’s the best idea for me. There’s a lot of neat stuff around these parts that I would miss a lot.

I remember how sticking to a certain level of comfort drove me crazy. I wonder if swinging too far in the other direction would make me miserable yet again.

Maybe what I need is a happy medium. Maybe what I need is to pinpoint a good (and maybe new-to-me) city where I can connect with familiar faces, but that’s a place where I can jump onto a plane and fly nonstop to PDX and/or SEA. I’m no longer worried about being within driving distance of any “hub,” so that’s a step!

While dreams of working abroad or on the East Coast aren’t dashed (I’m an open book for the perfect job!), I’m thinking that a concentrated search west of the Mississippi will be my best bet. I could see myself in California, or Nevada, or Colorado for a bit. I could see myself long-term in Seattle and Portland, too, and I wonder if those are cities to revisit when I’m growing out of my restlessness.

Everything is uncertain at this point. Life has a way of kicking me to where I’m supposed to be. Who knows–what if there’s a major game-changer?

I guess the best I can do is see where this journey takes me in the next year or so. Oh goodness.

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