Train Culture (via like a fish in water)

What would a blog entitled “Trains and Sunsets” be without a post about trains?

Trains are my ideal way of traveling. My favorite part about traveling by train is the departure. Airplanes stress me out because of the build-up, the calls for “Flight attendants, take your seat. Prepare for take-off,” the small quarters smelling of recycled air. With trains, though, I may still be fumbling around with my luggage, and looking out the window, I’ll notice we’re moving ever so slowly away from the station.

I loved public transit in Madrid and London and Chicago. I even got a taste of the light rail system in Portland, OR a few days ago, and I thought to myself, “I could get used to this.” I could get used to reading my morning books and taking care of loose ends on the commute home. I could even get used to surfing the trains during peak hours.

Today, I’ll be sharing a post from a blogger that reflects some thoughts that are already factoring into my future job search (a.k.a., how to commute). Read on.

Train Culture Flickr For some reason, I became enamored with train travel at a very early age. One of my earliest memories is of riding the Strasburg Railroad, an antique steam engine train in southeastern Pennsylvania, with my grandparents. I returned to daycare after my first trip to Washington, DC, recounting only the experience of riding the metro, including pitch-perfect recitation of, “Doors closing <ding dong>.” As I grew older, rail transit becam … Read More

via like a fish in water

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