Text me: I’ll over-analyze it. (via A Nice Ring to It)

I’ll own up to the fact that I prefer texting to vocal phone communication. It’s not to say that I fear having conversations over the phone; it’s just that I’ve always felt that I can communicate better with the written word.

That said, texting has its downfalls. Seeing that I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus and that I’m still trying to collect all my thoughts surrounding the experiences I’ve had during this first third or so of summer, I’m going to get back into my “regular schedule” by reblogging this cute little piece. Enjoy!

Text me: I'll over-analyze it. "Hey." Not a particularly welcoming salutation. Not unfriendly, but no enthusiasm. It's firm. Finite. Is he mad? "Hey" This one's completely different. It's casual. The lack of punctuation says, "I'm on the go — Just didn't have time for that little dot!" If you find this analysis over-the-top and slightly nauseating, I'm wit … Read More

via A Nice Ring to It

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