Eat. Play. Live.

How many times have I said I’m thankful for having my quarter-life crisis now, instead of a huge meltdown in my 30s or 40s? (Although, that’s ruling out the possibility of that actually happening… and I should know better.)

Anyway, I was thinking (as I was trying to pull on a pair of shorts that may now be a bit too small in the waist area) about how much happier I am in this place. Like the author of Eat, Pray, Love, I’ve put on some extra weight in this search for self-appreciation and purpose. While I looked really good about 10 pounds lighter, I was also about a hundred times unhappier. Since going to grad school, I’ve found time to socialize, eat in good company, and still try and stay healthy. I was hovering around my ideal weight when I hit a six-week period of illness–and seeing that I apparently gain weight like crazy when I’m sick, I got back up to my latter-college weight. While that’s not happy/fun, overall, I feel better. I’m working on establishing exercise routines that challenge me and will help me get back into shape, but I’m also being aware that I need to stay emotionally balanced.

One thing that I’m hoping to get out of this is the creation of a “work-out buddy” system for the CSSA cohorts. Right now, I’m envisioning either a matching system, like we do with mentors and mentees, or a simpler Google database of names, with goals and availability and contact information.

Another bright idea is the expansion of “family dinners.” A few of us have been getting together and cooking real meals with each other, although often, those meals consist of nachos. I’m not complaining, though.

And from there, perhaps the sharing of cultural dishes. We sort of touched on this with the CSSA Easter and “Midwest vs. Northwest Throwdown” potlucks. I cooked chicken adobo for Easter, and brought yummy Washington wine and Northwest cheese and smoked salmon for the latter event. I’ll also have some new favorites from Trinidad and Tobago to share, and maybe I’ll be motivated to pick up a Spanish cookbook to recreate my favorites from last year.

What I’m getting at isn’t really that complicated. I experience culture and life through food and activities. Activities that involve food are even better. However, I want to get healthier, and perhaps the best way to do that is to make working out social–much like I’ve done with meal times.

Doesn’t seem like such a bad thing, after all. Now, it’s time to dig around in the fridge for some leftover Trini treats.

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