Just Readin’ a Book

It’s not entirely original to rip a quote from Eat, Pray, Love and paste it into a blog–especially a blog entitled “An Adult in Transition.” That said, here’s a quote I found and liked:

“The classical Indian sages wrote that there are three factors which indicate whether a soul has been blessed with the highest and most auspicious luck in the Universe:

1. To have been born a human being capable of conscious inquiry.
2. To have been born with–or to have developed–a yearning to understand the nature of the universe.
3. To have found a living spiritual master” (Gilbert, 2006, p. 124).

I asked a cohortmate if a particular professor and leader in our program counted for #3. He affirmed, so with that–I conclude that I am an incredibly lucky young lady.

My internship begins tomorrow, and my colleague and I are relocating to an apartment closer to campus. I’m not sure if I’ll have connections to the internet, so if my blog posts are missing for the next few days, you’ll know why.

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