The Things I Do

Thursday’s to-do list included the beach and bake ‘n’ shark. We modified that to include a hike that was supposed to take an hour and a half.

Well, it took us two hours, and we weren’t quite given a clear picture of what the ascent and descent looked like. During the hike up, I found it much easier to scramble up on all fours in most places. And on the way down, I might as well have taken a big ol’ palm frond and rocked on down the hill that way. 🙂

Trinidad is also my first “really truly super humid” place I’ve ever visited (in conscious memory). Hawai’i was humid, but nothing like this. Yes, I start sweating immediately after showering. And yes, when exerting myself physically, I sweat right through anything I’m wearing. I was dripping the entire way down the hill.

However, part of that was due to the rainy season cloudburst that happened upon us right near the end of the hike. Thankfully we had just completed the intensely steep part of the hike. The five of us walked out of the wilderness triumphantly and made our way to the beach.

At the beach, the sun came back out. First, though, it was time for bake ‘n’ shark. Despite the name, “bake” is fried bread. I’m not 100% sure the “shark” was actually shark, but I’m not picky when it comes to delicious. We enjoyed our sandwiches at the beach, and then played in the water and laid in the sun.

I’m proud that we all accomplished that hike today. It felt pretty symbolic of all the impossible things in life that I’ve gotten through. It was a good metaphor for the fear and anxiety I’ve dealt with so far, and how once getting through, there’s something beautiful waiting at the end. Sure, I may be exhausted, and sure I may question whether I will ever encounter anything like that again, but it means something.

It means I made it through, and that I will continue to do so.

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