Naming My Baby: The Essence of My Grad Program Specialization

I had my mid-program review on Tuesday. For those unfamiliar with the MPR, it’s like a mini-defense at the halfway point of my graduate program. I met with my full committee, Skyping in Eric all the way from South Carolina to join the other two members and myself.

My main challenge at this point in time is coming up with a title to capture the essence of my area of specialization. It started out as a “globalization” or “global citizen” focus, but as my interests have expanded, it’s come to include spirituality and academic advising in addition to the global focus. Spirituality is in there for several reasons. One, it’s important (in my opinion) for globally-minded citizens to understand different ways of believing and how that can go beyond religion; it’s also important to understand how religion and culture interact. Secondly, I also think a person is more apt to understand others when he or she is nurtured in a holistic way that encompasses the spirit. It plays into globalization, so it works with my original intentions.

However, I’m figuring out that I’m more apt at advising and guidance. I currently call part of my job “life advising,” and as I learn more about academic counseling, I’m coming to believe that I would do very well in a role like that.

(For more about academic counseling, check out the following:
NC State University – Academic Counseling
UCLA College Academic Counseling )

So what do I do? I was drawn to student affairs because I believe in education of the whole person–holistic education. That is my grounding principle. How do I tie that into my interest in advising/guiding/helping? How do I create a snappy title that illustrates what I’m learning and what I’m capable of?

I have a few ideas, but any input is much appreciated. This little former international marketing wannabe has the wheels turning.

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