Thoughts as the Year Winds Down

The year may be winding down, but in all actuality, I’m in high-gear. I have research papers due, conference proposals due, trips to take, packing to do, paperwork to turn in, etc. etc. and so forth and so on. I’m slowly going crazy, as usual.

I am anxious for summer to get here. I am incredibly excited to spend a majority of my summer in places that are warm and sunny (usually). And at the same time, I’ll be doing relevant work towards my career and degree. Multitasking, for the win.

I don’t have any particular insight today, just that the two get-togethers my cohort has had in the past week were awesome: The Northwest vs. Midwest Throwdown and the #RaptureFail party.

Oh, and Justin Timberlake is my favorite repeat SNL host.

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