(Drop Dead) Beautiful

Spring quarter just began. I’m looking forward to it, primarily because I got that reset I needed. Thank you, NASPA and my week-long venture to Wenatchee.

Spring break itself was interesting. I was irresponsible throughout the NASPA conference and my following adventures in Portland (a.k.a., going to the Girl Talk concert on St. Patrick’s Day, which basically meant I danced my face off for about two hours straight); by pushing myself for over a week, I eventually got pretty sick. I had been fighting off a lingering virus since the beginning of March, and on the Saturday following St. Paddy’s, I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a freight train.

On Sunday, I still managed to muster up enough energy to drive back to Wenatchee. How I made it in one piece boggles my mind; it rained the entire time–hard–once I got over the mountain pass and onto the east side. And of course, by that point, it had gotten dark out. Sick girl, lots of rain, bald tires, side winds, no light–that should have meant sure death. But I made it, and my mom proceeded to feed me juice and soup.

After days of minimal exertion, I finally started feeling better. Do you know how good that feels when you’ve been functioning with low-energy for weeks? I managed to start feeling well enough that I could go out for hours and stay out late without too many repercussions, and that led to quality time with quality people.

One of my favorite things in this world is having the chance to reconnect with individuals I haven’t seen for a long time. Luckily, with a bit of chance, I was able to do that over break. It’s fascinating to hear stories from people that have been MIA in my life–and I’m talking beyond hearing stories on Facebook and whatnot. Actually sitting down, hearing stories first-hand with all the details, and sharing laughs and intertwining lifelines is absolutely beautiful.

My nerdy side also really enjoys seeing how development theory displays itself in my own life and my friends’. There are so many dimensions to development–particularly in the college student realm–that it’s nice to be able to attach real-life examples to the words I read on textbook pages. We are much more complex nowadays than we were in high school, and we recognize that. I interpret meaning more deeply nowadays, too. As such, I daydream quite a bit about “Why would I be in this place at that time? What does it all mean?”

Maybe that’s why “We are the hero of our own story” (Mary McCarthy) keeps resonating with me. I have a lot to unfold in these next few chapters.

It’s a good thing I’m not a speed-reader.

Go ahead.

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