Attention, Dudes. (via MYSELF)

I’m feeling ultra-sluggish today–I have about five drafted blog posts. But… I feel like I should reblog one of my old posts from a few months ago.

Pay attention, dudes. I’m not in the market for anything super-serious, but whatever. It doesn’t hurt to remind y’all of what it takes. 😀

Seeing that I'm single, available, and in my mid-twenties, I thought this would be a good time to lay down some ground rules for dating this fine lass. SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP QUESTION #1: Can you envision yourself as a stay-at-home father? If the answer is no, we cannot be together. It's as simple as that. The ideal man will be willing to sacrifice his income in order to tend to the home and any potential offspring (and any creative projects he … Read More

via Trains and Sunsets

One thought on “Attention, Dudes. (via MYSELF)

  1. citysidewalk says:

    Lovely! I’m going private. Send me your username so I can add you to my VIP lists! don’t want to lose you! Also, I’m following you on Twitter now. *BIG HUG*

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