It’s Too Late

to apologize, Universe.

But thanks for the head cold anyway. At least I’m too exhausted to feel anything remotely stressful.

In other news, I went to my first student affairs conference yesterday, the Oregon Women in Higher Education annual conference. It was a one-day conference, with two keynote speakers, three break-out sessions, and a wonderful lunch session in the middle.

What did I take away? Well, first of all– and don’t take me the wrong way on this– it changed my perception on an approach to women’s issues. I have never, ever, ever, ever labeled myself as a feminist, and I doubt I ever will, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be concerned about how gender inequity affects my life as an advancing young professional. Additionally, there wasn’t any “rah-rah” crazy rallying going on, and that made me feel comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of activist-style conferencing, it turns out, although I have always enjoyed most of the shouting that happens at the NWFASA (Northwest Filipino-American Student Alliance) conferences.

One workshop I particularly enjoyed was the one centered around crafting a personal mission statement. As I shared a few weeks ago, my 2011 theme is Create beauty through strength. After a series of exercises, I arrived at a rough draft of my personal mission statement:

I commit to always seeking adventure in any way, shape, or form. I will inspire learning and personal growth, as well as illuminate inner harmony, in myself and the higher education community by exploring creative expression and spirituality.

I want to add something in about motivation or drive or determination, something strong, but for a first attempt, I would say it does a good job of what I want my personal life to look like. Yes, I added in a piece that’s specifically about my chosen field, and I think that’s good. Part of my personal balance is finding a career that meshes with my entire self, and higher education is [hopefully] that venue.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my Friday post on a Saturday. Rah-rah for making it this far.

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