What Do You Think You’re Looking At?

This is my fifth year on the quarter system, and let me tell you, winter term is the most difficult every year. During my undergraduate career, it was always because basketball season was in full swing– I had games two or three times a week. I remember one particularly hellish week in which we had five games; I think it worked out to two double-headers and a single game. Plus, on top of that, I worked my last two years, which meant that right before winter quarter, I was knee-deep in retail terror. Couple that with Honors courses or writing intensive courses and you had a busy little ‘Dith.

Nowadays, I’m working, reading for graduate classes, and trying to figure out what the crap is going on in my personal life. Factor in working out, eating better, and a lot of upcoming events to plan, and you have another stressed-out ‘Dith.

So look, if I’m cranky or having a meltdown, it’s just normal winter quarter blues. Feed me some candy, give me a hug, and tell me we’ll go do something fun soon.

In the meantime, carry on.

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