Scherbatsky and Co.

She drinks scotch. She smokes cigars. She gets in bar brawls. She’s Robin Scherbatsky, the character that Cobie Smulders portrays on my all-time favorite TV show, How I Met Your Mother. Scherbatsky is the ultimate “one of the guys” lady. She’s fiercely independent, witty, assertive, hilarious, etc. etc. and so forth and so on. She’s also incredibly gorgeous, talented, and has her own set of insecurities to overcome.

She’s a character with which I relate. I would not say I’m Robin, but I won’t deny those elements exist. (Of course, I’m also a bit of a Lily Aldrin, with a sweet, innocent exterior, a nurturing side, and a twist of pure evil.)

But here’s the thing. I was told for several months that I was “too masculine.” I’m not surprised– but what drives me crazy is…

how is that side of me not wildly attractive?

Look, girly-girls are great. They smell nice, they laugh at your jokes, and they usually have a flowery command of whichever language they happen to speak. They’re well-read, intelligent, and love making their partners feel valued.

Wait a second. I just described one aspect of my personality.

The thing is, girly-girls don’t have the same independence and assertiveness that comes with having to hold their own in a crowd of boys. Girly-girls did not like me when I was a little kid, so I pushed against the “girly” stereotype. (Granted, it came back around and nowadays, I love make-up, I love dance and cheerleading, I love the color pink, jewelry, high-heels, bows in my hair, and a good glass of wine.)

But gosh darn it, I like being loud. I like being snarky. I like good beer. I like not backing down from potential opportunities just because I’m a woman. (And I tend to associate with other women who are also like this.) I suppose what I want is someone to recognize that all these elements make me one helluva catch. I’m a lot to handle, but it’s nothing to be intimidated by. A man with confidence will do just fine.

Just don’t ever let me near a 12er of Molson. Or in my case, Rainier. I’ll get super-Pacific Northwest on y’all.

5 thoughts on “Scherbatsky and Co.

  1. atattooedtale says:

    It’s definitely good to see that side of the ladies once in awhile. I just hope you aren’t a Canucks fan 😉 Also, can we please get over the gender stereotypes when it comes to wine and beer. Men and women can enjoy both.

    • Ardith says:

      Haha, well… I have not pledged allegiance to a hockey team as of yet, so you’re safe.

      And agreed– I enjoy wine and beer. And good cocktails, while we’re at it.

  2. Kelly says:

    I know how you feel!!! I decided years ago that I’m not changing. I think that all of these characteristics that make us “one of the guys” can also scare the actual guys…maybe it’s like we’re double agents, like we know too much?!

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