Welcome to the USS Failboat

Just call me Captain Arghs.

I’m pretty awesome. You would be hard-pressed to argue (arrrgh-ue?) that. Part of that awesomeness, though, comes from being able to appreciate that I fail awkwardly. A lot.

Take today. Two incidents come to mind.

1. Wearing a white shirt and a big name tag that says: “ARDITH – UNIVERSITY HONORS COLLEGE.” Meeting. Free coffee. Coffee, meet shirt. Self, meet people’s judging eyes.

2. Delicious homemade pasta sauce. “This needs some pepper!” Pepper shaker filtery-thing gets stuck in the lid. I don’t notice. Goodbye delicious homemade pasta sauce. Hello black pepper sludge.

These types of incidents used to have a more significant effect on my mood. I would end up in a terrible, “don’t talk to me” mood if this was a few years ago. I’ve learned to laugh a bit more at how ridiculous my day-to-days can be. Yes, I still swear under my breath (hi, Mom!) sometimes, especially if it’s after I catch my finger between the door and the wall. (That happens way more than it should…)

But what I’m saying is, over the past few years, I came to realize that I ultimately make my days “good” or “bad.” I can decide to let the little things pile up negatively, and I can let that day be no-good and miserable.

Or I can focus on what’s going right as well.

Like last night? I coordinated an info session for undergraduates on research opportunities. Around 15 students showed up in the evening to find out more– that’s great considering the nature of the program. Or this afternoon after tumbling? I can already see my muscle tone coming back. That’s after just a few days of eating better and working out more. That’s great. Or talking to people and not being totally intimidated by reaching out? It’s an awesome feeling.

No one, no matter how happy they may seem, has it all together. Little things or big things come along and get us all off-track. It’s resilience– and maybe the ability to laugh at ourselves– that gets the tough people through situations.

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