Wasted Daylight

As I write this, I’m camped out in my sweatpants, hair tied back, sans make-up. It’s almost noon, and the only thing I’ve accomplished was making breakfast.

Maybe I just need this downtime, but as I say that, I have an internship application due, the FAFSA to fill out, and lots and lots of reading. Plus a random assignment due Tuesday. This is my punishment for not returning to Corvallis til late last Sunday. This is my punishment for consciously choosing to not ease back into the quarter. I have a feeling this quarter could be marked by confusion and disorganization.

It could be.

But I won’t let it. As soon as I get done typing this, I’m going to wrap up my conversations and get stuff together. I’ll go try and get some laundry done at some point. I’ll go and buy some new work-out clothes. (But I might do all of this while wearing sweats. So unattractive.) Then I’ll tackle more homework. It will all get done in time.

Regardless, I’m happy for the downtime. This weekend has been much-needed, with last night being quite the highlight.

Oh no, what’s that? I’m being vague again?


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