Backblog – Dec. 11th and Stuff I Don’t Need

Dec. 11th

Prompt: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

1. Drama: I’ll put on my “big girl pants” and address issues instead of just letting everything sit and get convoluted.
2. Laziness: I did a very good job at the beginning of the quarter keeping up with reading, cleaning, cooking, going out and doing things– and then I slipped into my old habits. I know I can do this, so maybe more “to-do” lists will help.
3. Not working out consistently: How do I eliminate that? Work out consistently. Done and done.
4. Clutter: I’m still doing really well with this, but I’m starting to find clothes I never wear in my dresser again. Time for another Goodwill run.
5. Bitterness: I tend to harbor ill feelings towards those who hurt me. I need to address feelings, let go, and move on. It is as simple as that. Maybe blog a bit more.
6. Not adventuring as much: Let’s face it– I need random road trips and adventures. Winter quarter, I anticipate a lot more of this happening. I’m settled into Corvallis, and now it’s time to branch out and see what there really is to do around here.
7. Not talking to my friends on the phone: I have so many minutes– I just need to get over it and call. It’ll be good to connect with friends that are not in town.
8. Men that don’t treat me like a freshly-baked loaf of cinnamon bread: I don’t know how to actually accomplish getting rid of that, but I know if I do, I’ll be a lot more content. And less stressed.
9. Junk food: Grumble. I need to eat healthier to achieve my goals, it’s true. I need to commit to setting aside weekly grocery trips so I can stay well-stocked on fresh fruits and veggies, and I really need to find protein-based snacks that will keep me full– instead of eating tons and tons and tons of excess carbs while in class. This may be the biggest challenge, but it could be the most rewarding.
10. Boredom: Speaks for itself. How am I bored when I am surrounded by a new city and new friends?
11. Rain: Just kidding. I have no control over that.

11 things that I don’t need… that was difficult to get through. I see a lot of recurring themes, though; I need to get out there and make things happen. Maybe things that could happen include learning to ride a bike and swimming. Just sayin’.

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