Let’s Get Critical

Facebook is like a consolidated area where people pretend to be critical. Mostly, it’s just a place where we can vent, say inflammatory things, and have a whole bunch of our friends agree with us and support our petty ideas.

Actually, wait. That’s the Internet. It’s the blogosphere. It’s Twitter. It’s all around.

It’s driving me crazy, yet I continue to feed the fire.

I can’t stop when I see statements like, “You should have to take a pee test to get [this or that].” Or “Why doesn’t the government just get its act together and fix things?” Or something like “I swear it’s not racist, LUHLZ.”

First of all, people don’t offer solutions. We just VENT. Like, what do we do if we start making pee tests mandatory for welfare recipients? Do our social services departments say, “Well, sorry, you’re abusing drugs and you obviously have a source of income to do so… so, peace out?”

What does that solve?

“Oh, well, it allows people who actually need help and actually need money to get it.”

Okay, yes, that frees up our resources. But we still have drug addicts on the streets. And are we just going to twiddle our thumbs while we expect them to suddenly realize, “Hey, I’ve got a problem and I suppose I’ll utilize social services to get help!” Do we, as a society, say, “This is something I believe strongly in and we need to increase funding for effective treatment and behavioral counseling programs on a public level?”

How we alleviate another component of the “freeloader” problem is what I’m getting at, in this case.

Another thing that really grinds my gears is people who assume that childfree, working young professionals somehow lack compassion in our daily lives. I swear it’s all this talk of, “Oh, us that have families,” or “Those of us who have people to support,” etc. etc. and so forth and so on, and it implies that I could “never understand.”

In a sense, that’s right. I cannot fully understand what it’s like to have to provide for a dependent. But I also understand that I can’t. I would be making someone else’s life miserable. In another sense, that’s compassion.

“That’s so cold-hearted.” No, it’s not. It’s real talk. It’s me understanding that right now, in my mid-twenties, I’m selfish. And I’m doing a darned good job of it. I’m looking out for myself, scrounging away money to try and pay for some future adventures, getting an excellent education, and making sure I still call home. I’m compassionate, but I also make myself accountable to myself.

Furthermore, I believe in being accountable to the larger group. Now, after a lot of thought, I’m not sure whether that’s because of who I am or because– guess what– culturally, Filipinos are collective. I’m not a socialist because of that, but culturally speaking, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to try and help out others.

Besides, have you ever tried to actually pull yourself up by your boot straps (literally)? You don’t get anywhere.

Anyway, I’m done venting. I offered few solutions. I have no answers. But you can bet your britches I’ll keep asking questions.

Is that what it means to be an adult?

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