In case you aren’t living in the Pacific Northwest right now, the past few days were madness. Seattle shut down due to #snOMG, and down in the Corv, where I’m located, some classes were canceled yesterday on account of ice.

I have news for y’all, though, and I’ve been saying it all day. Electrical fire day > snow day.

A good chunk of my school was closed all day due to an electrical fire that was located or got into a steam tunnel. The thing about the tunnels is they run everywhere on campus. The electrical fire also downed most of the network, meaning offices were open, but essentially, nothing could be done.

Eventually, the notice went out that school would be closed at noon.

So, with a small electrical mishap, my new school closed for Thanksgiving break at the same time my old school did every year for break. High five.

Anyway, with that, have a wonderful Thanksgiving break everyone. Hope it’s all you imagined and more. Or something like that.

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