All I Do is Win.

“Blah blah blah, grad school’s awesome, I picked a field that speaks to my true passions*, blah blah blah.”

You’ve heard enough of that.

I know since last January I’ve been kind of sparse on the “personal updates.” Well, I suppose it’s time to let you all know some things…

I’m pregnant.


Actually, I want to say this past year has been one of the biggest in terms of personal growth. Reflecting on where I was at the beginning of January and looking at myself now, near the end of November, I have to say, “Self, you impress me.” I am sure that part of my resilience has come from my parents. Knowing what my mom has gone through this year and seeing how positive and fun and loving she is has been inspirational. (Hi, Mom. Can I have money for some airfare for Christmas?) My dad has always been a hero of sorts– although my teenage self would have said different and whined that he’s totally “like, wayyyyy too strict!” Not really. Both of my parents did a great job in somehow communicating that I got more freedom when I became accountable and took responsibility for things.

I’m also impressed with myself. I’ve learned to recognize warning signs and how to cope with them. I could say that SAD doesn’t affect me, but it does. It’s never been diagnosed, but I’m starting to feel sluggish and irritable as the days get shorter and shorter– so, I’m probably going to rent a light box for a little while.

What about boys, ‘Dith?

There is one. And you know who he is. And he makes me smile, even if I get to Seattle and he’s wearing a “DUCKS FOOTBALL” t-shirt. *shakes fist*

You’re going to talk about school again aren’t you?

Yes, but only because I’m signed up for a tumbling class next term! Right now, I’m also signed up for yoga, and I hope I can keep that course. It’s really hard to get into the gym with the type of work I need to do and the routines I usually keep, but I hope I can shake things up in the next quarter. Because I know a few things that need shakin’ up, er, personally.

*Other passions include: eating, being funny, and blogging. All of which I think I can somehow incorporate to the life of a future-advisor and/or education abroad administrator or what have you.

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