All Aboard

This weekend was not traditionally eventful. I accomplished a great deal of homework (although I realized today I had inadvertently left out an entire concept in one paper) and caught up on sleep.

Two things that merit a title like “all aboard,” happened, however.

1. All aboard the murdertrain.
HIMYM fans get the reference. Anytime a semi-violence yet hilarious moment occurs on HIMYM, after the introduction of the 4Skins song in Season 3, “Murdertrain” plays. And anytime the only Pac-10 football team I have aligned myself with loses to a team in the conference that hasn’t won a conference game since the 2008 Apple Cup, that song also plays. Needless to say, Saturday was a slightly upsetting day for any Beaver fans.

Did I mention I go to Oregon State? And our mascot is a beaver?

2. Crazytrain.
Two of my classmates and I got together at Dutch Bros. to sit down and work on our papers, which were due today, on Sunday. What resulted was a plethora of editing and laughter– the type of laughter that garners strange looks from strangers. (Strange Looks from Strangers– is that a band name yet?) The ridiculousness of our deliriousness at cranking out 10-page papers aligning student development theory with undergraduate experiences was just reaffirmation of my choice to go to OSU. As Swon has said repeatedly, “None of us take ourselves too seriously.”

Bam. One sentence. We all take our school work and professionalism seriously, but not ourselves. That’s important to me. It’s important to know when to laugh.

Because if you’re not having fun, I’m not going to ride this roller coaster with you.

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