I’m Still Here

Mondays are really long days. Yesterday, in particular, was full of meetings. Nothing wrong with that, but I didn’t have time to blog! Or fix dinner until after Hall Council.

However, I did get a doughnut after Hall Council– I was so hungry that I scarfed down the delicious, fried chunk of dough without really considering the implications it had for my diet. (Which can all be summed up with one word: ughhhhh.)

I really need to figure out a good, consistent way to get into the gym and on one of the running machines. I’ve had trouble working regular work-outs in ever since cheer stopped running my life. (Even then, I was never in great shape. Bummer.)

Suggestions? I hate morning work-outs, and most days, if I get an offer to “go out,” I’ll forsake my work-out. By the way, I’m also in need of a new calorie-counting method. I have maybe 3 apps on my phone and neither is compelling enough to make me want to continue tracking. Are there any that force me to be accountable to others?

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