One Month ’til 25 and a New Goal

It’s November 3rd, 2010. This marks the official one-month countdown to my Quarter-Century Blowout Birthday of a Lifetime (or the due date for my giant American higher ed. history paper. Your call.). I’ll leave the “What have I accomplished?” question out for now.

Since my last post, I’ve been feeling much better. I called F&S and chatted for awhile; it was very therapeutic and much laughter ensued. I have to call T tomorrow, so please don’t bother me during the early afternoon! All my close lady friends are, at closest, hours away. Some of them are oceans away. I need to take care of these friendships to make sure I don’t wind up back where I was in late 2008 and early 2009. Never again will I allow myself to backslide into that despair.

Regular blogging has been good for me, giving me time to reflect and process. I also send regular journal updates to one of my professors as part of a class, which allows me to lessen the grad-school material on this blog. (Well, at least for this term.)

However, here’s something that is highly important and very relevant to grad school: I want to intern abroad this coming summer. To do so will require a good deal of saving, as well as an excellent application (eep). This relates to my upcoming birthday, I promise.

Now, what I’m hoping for is that in lieu of (or in conjunction with!) birthday presents (or Christmas presents), is that you kindly direct your attention to the button on the left. It says “Donate.” Or something similar. If you can spare a dollar or two (or whatever you may have been planning to spend on a card), donate to this little cause. It may seem small, but you’d be not only helping me out in this endeavor, but you’d also be motivating me to pursue a dream. A dream that will ultimately help me achieve even greater things in my chosen field.

I don’t have a specific site or internship picked out yet– I’ve been trying to meet with our International Programs office to make a decision– but I am aiming to intern in Europe at a university somewhere. My hope is to work with students studying abroad (while I myself am abroad), helping them identify resources and find a community at a new institution (and possibly a brand-new country).

Anyway, it’d be neat. You could leave me a comment instead of a card. 😉

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