We’ve replaced hate…with SNUGGLES!

Not to be confused with Snuggies. (I’d much rather hate be replaced with Slankets, in my humble opinion.)

Gee wilikers, what’s happened this week so far. I voted. I am resolving a 401(k) rollover issue– cross your fingers on that. I did laundry. I had students stop by my office hours. Normal grad-school things, I suppose. It’s been busy because again, I’m trying to push myself to work ahead so my homework’s all good to go for next weekend.

E left for Spain early yesterday, and I chatted with her briefly this morning. She’s safely in Cadiz, so that is news of the most excellent sort.

I have a lot of work to do, though, so I’m going to bounce out of here after leaving one more tidbit of wisdom:

Haptics are a hard thing to compensate for when in a long-distance relationship. I’m sure that’s why I was so miserable (read: emo) in past years– and probably why I was so miserable when I was single in past years.

So, if I accidentally cling to you or start asking for too many hugs…


2 thoughts on “We’ve replaced hate…with SNUGGLES!

  1. cameron says:

    i fell that i know very few people who can quote a dinasor comic and make it not only seem poetic but also meiningfull. sorry i cant be around to get hug that lingers way too long into the “aquward zone” but here is one from accross the ocean


    hope to see you soon for a real one

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