Several Things

1. I am in the midst of a zombie attack. The HvZ game, OSU edition, just began. It sounds like our hall has its first zombie. I’m neutral. I guess that makes me a non-human?

2. Due to being out of town and being stupidly busy with grad school, I missed my bloggy friend, Sca’s, birthday. SO, HAPPY INCREDIBLY BELATED BIRTHDAY, YOU!! Also, read her blog. It’s wonderful.

3. I’m making little bits of progress towards an international opportunity this summer. Heads up– if you’re thinking, “What should I get ‘Dith for her birthday and/or Christmas?” your answer should be, “I should probably donate to her international education cause.” Because there will be one.

4. I’m skipping yoga today and hoping to make it to the 5PM Zumba class at the Rec Center. Here’s hoping this all pans out.

5. Shoot, I’m making lists again.

6. Seattle in two weeks!

7. Always end on an odd number.

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