Step into my Office

Or my mind, or my world, or whatever.

I’ve realized my work and class schedule don’t let me post blogs at reasonable hours. But that’s fine, I suppose.

Lately, I’m feeling good about my chosen course of study, mostly because it feels like I picked a focus that naturally progresses from my undergraduate work and employment. UG work gave me theoretical basis and practice for human interaction, as well as knowledge of how business administration works. It also gave me foundations in ethics and best practices, and my employment in the corporate world re-emphasized business admin. and how to deal with real-life situations.

As a graduate student in student affairs, I feel like I have an upper-hand because there seems to be so much cross-over between communication theory and student development theory. I’m sure a psychology major would say the same thing, but when you work with people, those types of fields will naturally draw from one another. It makes sense.

I was challenged in my course of study as an undergraduate, and in doing so, my professors prepared me for the high standards of graduate work. I feel like some of the papers I’ve produced so far aren’t my best work, and that can be partially reasoned by looking at the problems I’ve had with retrieving information from the library and the Internet. Much more difficult than I remember, but using a new school’s system is always challenging, whether you’re an undergrad, a grad, or staff… whatever. Learning the ropes, so to speak. I believe as time goes on, I’ll push myself to create even higher quality work.

It could also be that I’m being hard on myself as I have a history of being somewhat of a perfectionist. Or maybe I’m just enjoying what I’m doing so much that I think that good work shouldn’t be this fun.

I’ll leave you with those thoughts for now. In the meantime, we’re more than halfway through the week! Yippee!

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