There was a game on Saturday, UW vs. OSU. I don’t want to talk about how it ended, so instead, I’ll talk about how much fun tailgating was. There is little else more satisfying than meeting up with a friend, buying many beverages, and searching for an OSU tent full of people you don’t know. We ended up hanging out with OSU fans, UW fans, and a few neutral Seattle U. students (and some French-Canadians??!), and it was a grand ol’ time. Made some new FASA connections, too– just proves it really is a small world.

The rest of the weekend went well. Just lots of food and hanging out with friends.

Today’s been a mixed bag. On one hand, work and class went really well. On the other hand, I found out there’s been a huge mix-up with my 401(k) rollover process. Long story short, one week before my rollover paperwork arrived at the administrative offices, there was already a command put in to close my “low balance” account. I would have known this if I had gotten my mailing address at OSU early enough, but I had to have all my mail sent to my parents’ address.

Longer story short, I have to come up with over $200 to match what is being withheld for federal taxes, roll everything over somehow, and wait until tax season to get my refunds.

Now I get to deal with paying some state income tax, no state income tax, and reclaiming withholdings. I hate everything related to money right now, especially since I still have to wait about two weeks for my next paycheck.

In other news, I miss my mommy and daddy, my hometown friends, my Seattle friends, and that one I call the Super Ninja. But on the up side, I have a nice little friend network growing here in Corvallis.

More to come later.

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