Hello, Ladies.

This weekend, I attended two weddings. Yes. Two. And although I spent Monday driving, finishing homework, and not sleeping, I still had time to come up with some tips for y’all.

Ladies, hold onto the man that…

Dances with you– classy-like. Swing dancing, ballroom dancing… it’s amazing.

Sneaks into the place where your car was accidentally locked in to get your things.

Does the above item in the pouring rain.

Holds your hand.

Will put up with your obessession with eggs benedict– including listening intently to you and your friends’ idea of traveling cross-country on an EB tour.

Wears the shirt you got him. Yes, the one with Benny the Beaver on it.

Compliments you, challenges you, and brings a smile to your face when you’re walking to class just because you thought of him.


It’s been said before, but sometimes we ladies expect the world (which is fine). But sometimes we forget to love the little things in life that make up our world. Think about what you’ve got, and hold onto that.

That’s all for tonight– except for a, “Hello again, bloggy readers.” 🙂

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