It Isn’t All Fun and Games

I have been trying to stay positive about grad school, but since it’s Monday, let’s recap the “hilarious in hindsight” of the past few weeks.

For starters, my new hire paerwork was lost… twice! It’s affected my tuition waiver (read: I have a huge bill instead of a refund right now– booooo!), and it definitely caused me to scramble. I’ll see if it works out by this Friday, since payday should be that day. Should.

Next up– residence hall shenanigans. God bless the professionals that pursue that particular line of student affairs work. Maybe I have just grown old, but I like being in bed before 11 on weeknights and apparently, I also like being in bed by midnight on a Saturday night.

And some people like pulling fire alarms at 2AM on Saturday nights.

I woke up, groggy and wondering what that awful noise was. Then I heard the RA’s distinct voice calling, “Fire alarm! Go out the fire escape!” I proceeded to throw on a few more articles of clothing (I sleep in bitty shorts and sports bras, seriously), then almost tumbled down all the stairs because I was so disoriented. Ugh. Our hall stood out in the lawn– luckily, it was gorgeous out that night– for about 45 minutes. All this after the Super Ninja and I had exchange happy “sleep well!” texts only a few hours earlier.

It’s not difficult to forget that these challenges are still part of my future career. And it is certainly not difficult to appreciate the experiences.

What is difficult is suppressing the want to find the alarm-puller and beat him or her senseless. With a student development textbook.

After completing my first day as a grad student, though, I am feeling as if this is a good choice. We discussed in class today the issue of students’ attitudes towards college– e.g., “I am going to college so I can be financially sound” vs. “I am going to college to develop a meaningful philosophy of life”– and how perhaps being “financially sound” isn’t necessarily a desire to be flithy stinkin’ rich. Maybe it’s instead finding a good job that one can be happy in– which is, to me, a pretty meaningful philosophy.

Anyway– back to reading.

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